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A/B Testing Training Guide For Affiliate Marketing

In this article, we'll discuss how A/B testing can help affiliate marketing businesses improve their marketing campaigns based on data.

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is an optimization strategy where you test two variations of a page to see which variation performs better.

This involves:

  • Color
  • Button style
  • Headline
  • Call to action button
  • Wording
  • Layout
  • Placement

The idea is to make small changes to your marketing campaigns and then compare the results to see which variation performs better. Once the winner is decided after 30 - 90 day test period, the test will repeat.

Psychological Principles That Affect Everyone

Every visitor is different and how the page looks to them has different psychological effects.

Good call-to-action practices will get you more sales without having to generate more traffic. Even if your SEO skills are a little rusty, these tips can help you recover sales without recovering your rankings.

How to Run an A/B Test

To start an A/B test, you need to focus on single variable testing at a time. This means test one thing at a time.

For example, if you're running a Facebook ads campaign and you want to A/B test your ad image, you would run the same exact advertisement with different images.

Same ad copy, same targeting, same call to action, and the same landing page for two ads with different images.

There are many different things you can test in an A/B test. But first, try to match the intent of the page exactly to what the visitors are looking for. 

ab testing button designs

For example, you can test "learn more" versus "download here," you can test your text at the bottom, and you can test your ad copy at the top. Ultimately, you want to look at these two different variants and see which one performs better.

Decide Winner

To determine which variant performs better, you need to look at the data. Let's say variant A drives 250 clicks with a 1.5% click-through rate and a 200 return on ad spend. Variant B, on the other hand, drives 250 clicks with a 1.75% click-through rate and a 250 return on ad spend. 

In this case, variant B would be the better performing advertisement, and you would want to move forward with using this ad image more often.

Repeat Test Against Another Variation

ab testing landing page

Once you have determined which ad image performs better, you can use this ad image and test some different ad copy to see if you can get any lift that way. This is how you run a standard A/B test.

Another example of A/B testing is creating a Google ads campaign to drive hotel bookings in Atlanta.

You can create two different landing page variations, each of them listing the hotels in Atlanta, and format them differently with different copy on the page. You would test two different landing page variations using the same ads and the same keywords to drive traffic to each landing page.

One landing page is likely to have a better conversion rate than the other, and you would look at your conversion rate to determine which one performs better.

Optimizing Your Workflow

Testing multiple ideas before making changes across the board is crucial for optimizing your workflow. If you have a tool that creates a new page, make sure that the new page is either no-follow, canonicalized, or both.

Tips and Notes

Use Gutenberg Principle

gutenberg principle

The Gutenberg Principle states that people read in a "Z" pattern, so you can capitalize on this by placing your call-to-action in places where people are naturally inclined to pause while they're reading, such as the right sidebar, the right side of a chart, top left and bottom right of content summaries, and more.

Add FOMO Elements

People like to know that they're getting the most up-to-date information. Changing the month and year in the title tag and using a plugin like Yoast or Rankmath with dynamic date insertion is an excellent way to make your content look more up-to-date.

FOMO activation can be achieved by creating a sense of urgency through Evergreen countdown timers, highlighting missed opportunities with past sales, offering deals on exit intent, and more.

Single Variable Test At A Time

Insert Image

When it comes to A/B testing, you need to pick one variable at a time, whether it's ad copy, targeting, ad images, video ads, landing pages, web pages, etc. A/B test that one variable to determine the best way to improve your conversion rate and return on ad spend.

Always Get Enough Data First

It's important to keep in mind that you need enough data to come up with which variant is performing better. If each landing page only gets 15 clicks, it's going to be hard to determine which one is performing better. The more data you have, the better.

Continuous Testing

A online business can run A/B test forever, but ultimately, what you're trying to do at the beginning of an advertising campaign is trying to figure out what works best, whether it's for your business or for a client's business.

When you are running a campaign, you should always test multiple ad images and different landing pages to see what gives you the best results as far as return on ad spend.