7 Best Link Shortener Software

Here are the 7 Best URL shortener software for internet marketers

As a beginner internet marketer, finding a reliable link shortener can be a game-changer for your online promotions. Long URLs can be difficult to share on social media, press release, posters, or flyers.

While Google URL Shortener is no longer an option, there are several alternatives available to help you manage your links effectively.

Best Link Shortener Software

Bitly - Best Overall

Bitly is an excellent choice for both large online businesses that share numerous links and small businesses that want to generate short URLs and track their performance for a limited number of campaigns. With its long-standing reputation, Bitly is a safe and reliable option for link management.

Key Features of Bitly:

  • Easy-to-use interface: Create short links effortlessly.
  • Comprehensive dashboard: Monitor the performance of social links and campaigns.
  • QR code generation: Create QR codes for all your short links.
  • Link-in-bio feature: Manage all your links in one convenient location.
  • Zapier Integration: Enabling users to automate tasks such as generating short links from an RSS feed or adding new links to a spreadsheet.

However, Bitly's current free plan is not as attractive as it used to be, as it limits users to 10 links per month and allows only five custom URL back-halves.

Bitly's Pricing Plans: 

Basic Plan: $35/month

  • Free custom domain
  • 1,500 links per month
  • Detailed click data

Premium Plan: $300/month

  • 3,000 links per month
  • Granular analytics, including city-level data and device types

Starter Plan: $192 upfront (equivalent to $16/month)

  • 200 links per month

Pretty Links - Best For WordPress

Pretty Links is a popular URL shortener, particularly well-suited for WordPress users. This user-friendly tool allows you to create short, custom-branded links and easily manage them all in one place. It's an excellent choice for bloggers, marketers, and small business owners who want to make their links more attractive and trackable.

Pretty Links Features:

  • Custom branded links: Create unique, custom-branded short URLs to maintain a consistent brand image.
  • Link tracking: Monitor click statistics and analyze the performance of your links.
  • Link redirection: Set up various types of redirections, such as 301 (permanent), 307 (temporary), or cloaked redirections.
  • Link categorization: Organize your links into categories for easier management and analysis.
  • Link expiration: Set expiration dates for your links, useful for time-sensitive promotions or limited-time offers.
  • Link replacement: Automatically replace keywords within your content with Pretty Links, simplifying affiliate link management.
  • WordPress integration: Seamlessly integrate Pretty Links with your WordPress site, making it easy to create and manage links directly from your dashboard.

  • Pretty Links Pricing:

    Beginner Plan:

    • Price: $49/year
    • Features: Access to core features, ideal for individuals starting out with link shortening and tracking.

    Marketer Plan:

    • Price: $99/year
    • Features: Includes all core features, advanced redirect types, and link tagging for more in-depth analysis.
    Super Affiliate Plan:
    • Price: $149/year
    • Features: Designed for power users, includes all features of the Marketer plan, along with additional tools such as auto-linking keywords, importing and exporting links, and Google Analytics integration.

    Rebrandly - Best For Small Businesses

    If you're searching for a robust alternative to Bitly or simply want a feature-rich free plan, Rebrandly is an excellent choice. This URL shortener offers great value across different price points, allowing you to scale your needs without switching services.

    Key Features of Rebrandly:

    • Tracking link popularity
    • Accessing data about link clicks
    • Generating QR codes automatically
    • Utilizing the LinkGallery feature for a link-in-bio
    • Integrating with Zapier for automations, such as creating links from Google Sheets or adding new links to Buffer

    Rebrandly Pricing:
    Rebrandly's Free Plan:

    • 2,500 clicks tracked per month
    • 250 total branded links with a custom domain (must be purchased through Rebrandly)
    • Access to the same analytics as entry-level paid plans
    • Ideal for side hustles or small blogs

    Paid Plans

    Essentials Plan: $34 per month

    • 5,000 links and 25,000 clicks tracked per month

    Professional Plan: $99 per month

    Teams Plan: $499 per month

    • Includes up to 10 users

    TinyURL - Free To Use

    TinyURL is a free link shortener that has been around since 2002, and it continues to be popular due to its simplicity and reliability in shortening URLs. It's a handy tool for quickly creating short links that never expire.

    Just paste the URL and create the shortened URL with one click. Done!

    TinyURL Features:

    • Free to use: No account needed for basic link shortening.
    • Account benefits: Access a history of your shortened links.
    • Paid plan: Enhanced features, including tracking, analytics, branded domains, and editable TinyURLs.

    TinyURL Pricing:


    • Basic link shortening

    Personal Plan

    • Starts at $9.99/month (billed annually) for tracked links and branded domains.

    BL.INK - Best For Small Businesses

    BL.INK is a great URL shortener service made for small businesses and big companies. It helps you make long web addresses shorter and lets you see how many people are clicking on your links.

    BL.INK Features:

    The dashboard shows popular links and general numbers. There's also an analytics page that helps you see the details of the clicks, like which devices people are using, where they are, and how they found your link.

    Users can even see when they clicked on it. You can add tags to your short links to help you keep track of different projects.

    BL.INK also works with Zapier, so you can do things like make short links automatically when you create new WordPress posts or add rows to a spreadsheet.

    BL.INK Pricing:

    Free plan

    • Perfect for beginners or small businesses with limited needs. It offers 1,000 active links and basic analytics.

    Expert+ plan

    • Starting at $48/month, this plan is suitable for growing businesses. It provides 10,000 active links, 7,500 tracked clicks per link, and allows up to 3 users.

    Zapier URL Shortener - Best Automation

    If you need a link shortener that can create short URLs automatically when you do something in any of the 5,000+ apps - like posting a photo on Instagram or adding a new product to your Shopify store - then URL Shortener by Zapier is a great choice.

    Zapier Features:

    • You create a Zap (an automated workflow on Zapier) that is triggered when you do a specific action in the apps you use most often.
    • Zapier then saves the shortened URL to a Google Sheet or sends it directly to another app.

    Zapier Pricing:

    Free plan:

    • Limited to 5 active single-step Zaps and 100 tasks/month.

    Starter plan:

    • Starts at $29.99/month, includes 20 multi-step Zaps and 750 tasks/month.


    Short.io allows you to send different visitors to different links based on their location or device. This feature can be useful in targeting specific audiences and ensuring that they see the right content. The pricing varies depending on your requirements.

    Short.io features:

    • Custom domain support
    • Visitor targeting based on location or device
    • Detailed analytics and click tracking
    • User-friendly dashboard and interface
    • Password protection for short links
    • SSL certificates for custom domains
    • Social media integrations (e.g., Facebook and Twitter)
    • Zapier integration for automated workflows

    Short.io pricing:

    Free plan

    • Offers 1,000 branded links, 50,000 tracked clicks, and device targeting.

    Personal plan

    • Starts at $19/month and provides unlimited branded links and geo-targeting.