10 Best Social Media Management Tools [2023]

Managing social media that delivers a high ROI can be time-consuming. In this blog post, we'll discuss some top social media management tools for content inspiration, design, scheduling, and analytics that can significantly improve your social media marketing efforts.

Answer the Public

This free visual tool extracts search queries from Google and presents them in a categorized keyword cloud. By simply typing a keyword into the search bar, you will receive hundreds of valid content ideas organized into five categories: questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabeticals, and related.

In addition to Answer the Public, there are many other websites and tools that can help you find content ideas, both free and paid. Experimenting with these tools can help you overcome writer's block and generate fresh content ideas.


ChatGPT's natural language processing capabilities is here to stay. It's an powerful AI tool to help social media managers to come up with ideas and even more refined ideas with provided prompts.

  • Crafting compelling captions and headlines is crucial for capturing your audience's attention. ChatGPT can assist you in generating a variety of catchy and relevant captions or headlines, tailored to your target audience and specific platforms.
  • Generate conversation starters, questions, or prompts that encourage interaction and help foster a sense of community among your followers.
  • Expand existing ideas while saving time researching
  • Predictive marketing analysis so the content can be ahead of the curve


Canva offers hundreds of templates, images, and illustrations for creating unique, high-quality images, while Animaker specializes in creating exceptional animated videos. The latest text to image feature works well with AI image creation as long as the prompt is good.


Slack is a messaging platform designed for efficient team communication and collaboration. Slack enables you to create channels for different projects, making it easy to organize conversations and keep everyone in the loop. Slack also supports direct messages and group chats, allowing you to communicate with team members or clients quickly and efficiently. Moreover, you can customize notifications to ensure that you don't miss any important updates or messages.

Content Cal

Content Cal is now an adobe company. For small teams with less than four people, ContentCal offers a range of benefits that can streamline the content creation process and improve collaboration. ContentCal provides a visual content calendar that allows your team to plan, create, and schedule social media posts for multiple platforms in one place.

This centralized approach helps your small team stay organized, maintain a consistent posting schedule, and avoid missed deadlines or overlapping content. With ContentCal, you can set up a custom approval workflow to ensure that all content meets your brand standards and guidelines before being published. This feature is particularly useful for small teams, as it helps maintain quality control and prevents errors or inconsistencies in your social media content.


For those who want to create GIFs, ezgif.com allows you to upload a series of images and make a GIF out of them. Customize the size, order, and animation settings to create the perfect GIF for your content.


Sometimes, you may need to use stock photos for your social media content. Websites like Pexels offers high-quality, free stock photos that don't look like typical cheesy stock images. When using stock photos, ensure they are relevant to your content, consistent with your branding, and unique enough to catch attention.


Buffer is an excellent scheduling tool for social media managers. It allows you to schedule content across multiple platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn, from one dashboard. With Buffer, you can create preset publishing schedules, tailor your content for each network, and view your scheduled content in a calendar format.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social offers cross-channel social media analytics, allowing you to gather and present essential social metrics in customizable reports. It also includes an advanced listening tool that provides valuable data related to audience demographics, industry influence, campaign performance, share of voice, and consumer sentiment.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a powerful tool for social media managers, offering a wide range of features that can enhance collaboration and organization. Its main feature for social media work is to allow you to store, access, and share files such as documents, spreadsheets, images, and videos from any device with an internet connection.

The easy file sharing including Google Workspace applications are all free for users to use.