Steps To Create Affiliate Link On ShareASale

In this article, we will guide you on how to create affiliate links in ShareASale, and also go over how to make some links easier for people to remember.

Join Affiliate Programs

If you haven't joined any programs on ShareASale yet, you can go to Merchants and then search for merchants, get approved before you can generate affiliate links. 

To join them, you'll just click the join program button next to their name, and it will bring up a little form where you click that you've read the agreement and then tell them about how you're going to promote their program.

Generate Affiliate Links

To get the links, you will either go to your top merchants and click get links, or to get to the same place, you'll go up to the banner that says links and then get link banner.

On this page, you'll have a list of all of your merchants, and then you can just click on whichever one you want.

Text Links

Depending on the program that you're part of, you'll have the option to do text links, banners, data feed, or they might have a product showcase.

To get the link for text links, you'll go to text links, then look at the ones that they've already created for you. Then it'll show you basically when it was last modified, and sometimes they'll have dates where it's ending as well.

To get the link, you'll go over to the right-hand side where it says get HTML code and click on that. Here it will pop up the code to copy and paste the HTML into your website. If you're promoting on YouTube or TikTok, click the select URL only button, and it will pop up just a link.

Bookmark Links

This is the easiest way to generate affiliate link simply by visiting the product page directly and use the ShareASale bookmark plugin to instantly create the link. The option also allows the user to select text links or image links in html format.

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Custom Links

Custom links are highly recommended to wrap the affiliate link to make it look more brandable and easier for people to remember. 

Pretty Links and other link shorteners are great for this. Once the raw affiliate links are cloaked by the link shortener, they can get published on different social platforms, videos, blogs, press releases, backlinks and other content forms.

In addition, they can be tracked independently without relying on the affiliate network's internal tracking feature, which can be skewed at sometimes.  

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