Do Amazon Affiliate Links Need To Be Nofollow

Do Amazon Affiliate links need to be nofollow? yes it should, and this article will take it further by explaining why it should be nofollow, and why webmasters should use the new "rel=sponsored" tag with amazon links

What Has Changed

Back in 2019, Google announced that they will treat link attribution a little bit differently, and there are some confusions in particular with Amazon affiliate links.

Besides rel=nofollow, now there are two new ones introduced to tell the Google search engine about the type of links:

  • rel=sponsored: Use the sponsored feature for links on your website that are part of ads, sponsorships, or agreements where you get paid.
  • rel=ugc: UGC means User Generated Content. Use the ugc feature for links in content created by users, like comments and forum posts.

For a long time, many people used "rel=nofollow" for their affiliate links because it told Google not to consider these links when ranking websites in search results.

This is important because Amazon Associates does not allow affiliate links to show up in Search.

So, using "rel=nofollow" with Amazon affiliate links has been a good idea for a while.

But now, Google has announced changes to how these features work and how your links are seen by their search system.

What Does Google Say About Affiliate Links

Affiliate links on pages like product reviews or shopping guides help blogs and website creators make money from their visitors. In general, using affiliate links to make money is okay.

We ask websites in affiliate programs to use rel="sponsored" for these links, no matter if these links were made by hand or automatically.

Read Official Google Guide On Affiliate Links

From this, it seems like Google wants people to use "rel=sponsored" for all affiliate links. Whether this will affect how your website ranks in the future is uncertain, but Google has already said that you won't be punished if you don't change old "nofollow" affiliate links to the new "sponsored" one.

How To Add rel=Sponsored to Affiliate Links

Adding rel=sponsored to affiliate links is very easy. it's the same as adding rel=nofollow tag to the affiliate uRL in hTML.

Simply just remove nofollow and replace it with sponsored after "Rel="