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How To Drive Traffic To Optics Planet Program

There are many ways to send traffic to optics planet affiliate programs in the firearm niche as its top 10 revenue generator on ShareASale's list.

Here are some behind the scene methods that expert marketers are using that no one is teaching or under value.

Optics Planet Affiliate Program Overview

The Optics Planet affiliate program offers product commission on various firearm and outdoor related products. It's a top provider of gear in the industry, offering a diverse range of premium products for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, military personnel, and law enforcement professionals.

Anyone with an established blog can join for free

  • Cost Per Action (CPA): No
  • Commission Rate:$1 - 20% (Based on products, mostly 5%)
  • Cookie Duration: Up to 14 days
  • Payment Threshold: $100 based on ShareASale TOS
  • Payment Options: Direct deposit

The program is managed by a third part affiliate network, ShareASale

Product Review Content

Product review is literally 70 - 90% of how to send traffic to Optics Planet. While most affiliates in this niche direct traffic through content website and YouTube content. 

SEO traffic is a huge component to the overall marketing strategies. Generally speaking, this is an image and video intensive niche where visitors want to see the product. It's also considered a hobby and luxury niche, where people by products based on need, and people also buy based on inspiration.

Firearm optics content, review content, video game content are great ways to drive traffic to Optics Planet.

Targeted Buyer Keywords

The firearm niche is heavy on product keywords. Many of these keywords are extremely easy to find when a tool like Ahrefs.

For example, we can use ChatGPT to predict what the visitors might be searching that may lead to signing up with Costco.

A good prompt you can use would be:

  • What are things people may be interested searching that will eventually lead to buying Aimpoint Micro red dot sight
  • What are some targeted informational search intent keywords people may search for when buying a long range spotting scope online:

Some ideas you can go with are:

  • Red dot sight for competition shooting
  • Red dot sight for CQB (Close Quarters Battle)
  • Red dot sight for rapid target acquisition
  • Red dot sight for low light conditions
  • Red dot sight for fast-moving targets
  • Red dot sight for Ruger 57
  • Red dot sight with long battery life
  • Red dot sight with quick target acquisition
  • Red dot sight with durable construction
  • What is a long range spotting scope?
  • How does a long range spotting scope work?
  • What is the difference between a spotting scope and a telescope?
  • What magnification do I need for a long range spotting scope?
  • What objective lens diameter do I need for a long range spotting scope?
  • How to choose a long range spotting scope?
  • How to use a long range spotting scope?
  • Glock shooting low left?
  • best red dot sight for USP?
  • How to mount a long range spotting scope on a tripod?

The content should be focusing on these keywords to drive traffic to OpticsPlanet, because these are highly targeted for people who are ready to buy.

Offer Discounts 

People in the firearm markets definitely look for deals. There are many deal offers a website can offer such as exclusive coupon codes that affiliate manager custom create for a niche website or a YouTube channel.

A coupon code offered to targeted audience can increase click through rate and get convert sales.

This is the same strategy that works on other affiliate marketing businesses as one of the most basic affiliate marketing tactics.

Run Contests

Many firearm niche websites and social media channels run contests to build their audience and increase engagement. This can attract some people, but not everyone would participate. 

This is mainly a strategy to build up engagement and subscriber base first, then the channel or website can publish interesting content to redirect the visitor to product pages on OpticsPlanet.


The popularity of YouTube channels in the firearm content niche can be attributed to the visual nature of firearms. Videos are a preferred format for many users over reading written content. As a result, videos that feature affiliate sales links are particularly successful.

Although many YouTube videos may not initially target specific search intents, their ability to create a lasting impression on viewers can result in a return visit or an immediate conversion.

Many affiliate marketers also use YouTube channels to drive referral traffic to their primary website. In some cases, a landing page on their website can be more effective at converting sales than a video with an affiliate link in the description.

Email marketing

Content creators in the firearm industry can build email list just like any other niches. It's a traffic source that can bring a lot of affiliate earnings if done correctly in the firearm niche. 

What works well in the firearm niche when it comes to email marketing is actually discount codes, new product review and educational content.

One of the most common email marketing tactics people try is to use "Download printable target" as the bait to get a lead on the email list as one of the strategies.

So creating bunch content revolving around "printable targets" are great ways to gain subscribers