Dynamic VS Static QR Code For Affiliate Marketing

There are two types of QR codes: Static and Dynamic. 

In this blog post, we will explore the world of QR codes, their types, and how they can benefit your affiliate marketing business.

It is recommended to use dynamic QR codes for affiliate links. This is because dynamic QR codes allow you to change the URL at any time in just one place , and still use the previous QR code.

This feature is particularly useful for affiliate marketing, as businesses may need to update or change the destination URL to accommodate new offers or products. 

Static VS Dynamic QR Code

Static QR Code

A static QR code is permanent and cannot be changed once generated. It only leads to one URL and does not allow you to track the data of your scans.

However, you can use a link shortener to wrap the URL first, then convert it to an QR code. The link shortener software will track the traffic scans.

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Dynamic QR Code

A dynamic QR code offers the flexibility to change the URL encoded in it even after it is printed, making it an ideal tool for businesses that require adaptable digital solutions.

While static and dynamic QR codes may look visually similar, their functionalities set them apart. 

Additionally, it enables you to track valuable data such as the number of scans, location of scanners, and time of the scan, providing insights that are crucial for optimizing your marketing campaigns.

Moreover, a good dynamic QR code generator allows you to edit the URL without without changing the QR code that has already been published to the public. This feature makes it easy to update your marketing materials or campaigns without creating a new QR code image, saving you time and effort.