How To Add Affiliate Link To Pinterest

In this guide, we'll show you how to add affiliate links to your TikTok videos and profile while emphasizing the importance of not cloaking Amazon links to avoid violating their terms of service.

Step 1 - Find The Right Affiliate Programs

As an experienced affiliate marketer, you likely have a clear idea of the products you want to promote on your Pinterest account.

Amazon is a popular choice for most physical products, offering a vast selection across various categories. Alternatively, consider Avantlink, which hosts a wide range of companies offering products from BBQ grills and home security to fishing gear.

However, if a specific product you'd like to recommend lacks an affiliate program, you'll be unable to promote it as an affiliate.

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Step 2 - Generate Affiliate Link

As an experienced affiliate marketer, I understand the importance of generating clean and efficient affiliate links. In most affiliate program dashboards, you can easily create raw affiliate links.

For Amazon Affiliate, utilize the site strip to generate your affiliate link for the specific product you're promoting. However, be cautious not to cloak Amazon links, as it violates their terms of service.

For other affiliate programs, a link shortener is highly recommended. Pretty Links is an exceptional tool for new marketers, as it transforms lengthy, unappealing affiliate links into sleek, memorable, and shareable URLs.

This link cloaking tool not only enhances your links' visual appeal but also provides added features such as QR code generation and custom branded link creation.

By incorporating Pretty Links, your website evolves into an effective URL shortening platform, boosting your online marketing strategies and amplifying your earning potential.

For instructions on generating affiliate links for platforms like AvantLink, CJ Commission, Impact, and others, click here.

Add Affiliate Links To Pinterest

Make sure you comply with Pinterest's advertising policies and disclose that your pin contains an affiliate link. You can do this by including a note in the pin description or using a hashtag like #affiliate or #ad.

  1. Create a board: Organize your content by creating a new board or selecting an existing one. Click the "+" icon and select "Create board." Give your board a relevant name and description.
  2. Add a pin: Click the "+" icon again and select "Create Pin." You can either upload an image or use a link from a website. Make sure the image is visually appealing and relevant to the product you're promoting.
  3. Edit the pin details: Write a captivating and informative description for your pin, incorporating relevant keywords and hashtags. This will improve its visibility in Pinterest search results.
  4. Insert your affiliate link: In the "Add a destination link" field, paste your affiliate link. This is the link users will visit when they click on your pin.
  5. Publish the pin: Once you've added all the necessary information, click "Publish" to post your pin to the selected board.
  6. Monitor and engage: Keep track of your pin's performance by monitoring saves, clicks, and comments. Engage with users by responding to comments and answering questions to build trust and credibility.

Step 3 - Track Click Performance

As an experienced affiliate marketer who keeps track of things like click-through rates, conversion rates, and A/B testing, I suggest using a link management tool like Pretty Links or LinkTree for your Pinterest account. Adding a unique tracking ID to your TikTok links will help you see what's working.

Pretty Links is a handy tool that lets you manage different kinds of links, such as URL redirects, social media links, and affiliate links. This makes it easier to stay organized and in control of your marketing.

Optional - Use Branded URL

If you want more control than LinkTree offers, think about creating your own website. This lets you make a fully customizable landing page with any domain name you want.

Having your own website lets you design your landing page just the way you like it just like what LinkTree can do. Above all you keep all the link juice for SEO.

Optional 2 - Post Affiliate QR Code

Instead of using text links. QR code can be very effective to get people to scan and then lead them to your affiliate link. 

Anyone can convert their affiliate links to QR code image, and post it on pinterest.

Generate your affiliate QR code free here

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