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[6 Ways] Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Learn more: While most affiliate marketing is so focused on building a SEO website. We highly recommend every affiliate marketer to create a domain for long term success, but this article goes over how to do affiliate marketing without a website

Results may vary, but here are some strategies people don't talk about.

Parasite SEO

Parasite SEO is a strategy used by marketers to leverage the authority and traffic of established, high-ranking websites (known as "host" or "parasite" websites) to promote their own content, products, or services.

It's kinda like putting your ad on whoever ranking on page 1 of Google. In order to make this work, you have the reach out to these websites and insert your link either through relationships or paid.

This is done by creating content on these websites that already rank high on the search engine (usually in the form of articles, blog posts, or profile pages) and embedding their affiliate links, which redirect users to their offers.

Sites that get a lot of backlinks can further boot traffic to the affiliate offer once the link is placed on these sites.

Make sure the affiliate link is properly cloaked by using an affiliate link tracker, so if anything changes you can edit the link in just one place.

Learn more: best practices for cloaking affiliate links

Press Release

Press release is a great way to get pass through traffic to affiliate offers without a website. The key top make this work is to time the press release, and ONLY publish news worthy articles on Press Release websites like PRweb.

Places like PRweb ranks super fast than a brand new website on even difficult keywords. This is a way to get your affiliate links out there fast to get clicks.

The best way to do this is to do a little research on what's trending, and ride the wave as long as possible.

Holiday seasons are great ways to promote these offers.

Something like : "Here are 20 best Black Friday Deals on XYZ" as a press release article at the peak of Thanksgiving holiday shopping window, and it will get pick up super fast to get traffic.


Forums are places where highly detailed discussions are going on. Sometimes inserting an affiliate link onto those forums can violate terms of service, but it's a way to promote affiliate links without a website.

However, this is not recommended.

If you do try to insert links, please cloak them using something like Pretty Links, so you can track the engagement.

We highly recommend having a website with content, then redirect people on forum back to your website, then the website content takes the visitor to the affiliate offer.

Paid Ads For Direct Response Offers

There are many direct response affiliate offers that people search for them, they find them and they buy them immediately.

These can work by using Facebook ads and Google ads. However, this is a very risky ad campaign because you are running ads directly to an affiliate link, which you will lose the leads forever.

The better way is to create a landing page (aka, a website) that collects leads, so you can retarget these leads later. 

You can use something like ClickFunnel to build a landing page, but you still need a domain and hosting.

Instead, we highly recommend getting a domain and hosting using WordPress, that is 90% cheaper than using ClickFunnel.

Social Media Posts

Social media posts with affiliate links using link shortener without a website definitely work, but it only works on certain products. For example impulse buying products that are super low cost.

Since people on social media doesn't have the most targeted search intent on products, the conversion rate on these offers will be extremely low.

The only down side is that posting affiliate links directly on social media posts come across as spam, and not a lot of people like them. 

Instead, link the audience to a piece of content either YouTube or blog, then redirect them to the affiliate link.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is huge for getting traffic to affiliate offers without a website or specific content page about it.

Once your subscriber base is high enough, you can attach offers on some relevant emails to get traffic. 

Open rate will still be a metric to track, because not everyone will click on the link, and not everyone will find the offer relevant. So test the offer to see how it performs (assume your email subscribers are all targeted audience)