How To Put A Clickable Link In Instagram Bio

In this quick guide, we'll cover How to put a clickable link in Instagram bio to direct your audience off Instagram, such as a website, ecommerce story, email list and more.

As the latest update that allows every user, regardless of their follower count, to add a link from their Instagram story to another website or YouTube video.

How to Add a Link to Your Instagram Story

  1. Open Instagram and go to your profile: Click on your profile icon to access your Instagram stories.

  2. Choose a photo or video for your story: You can either take a new photo, record a video, or upload an existing photo or video from your phone.

  3. Access the link sticker: Instagram has replaced the old swipe-up link with a sticker option. To find it, tap the sticker icon and look for the "Link" sticker, or search for it if you don't see it immediately.

  4. Add the website URL: Type in the website URL you want to link to and press enter. The link will appear on your story, and you can tap it to change its appearance or resize it to fit your image.

  5. Share your story: Once you're satisfied with the placement and appearance of your link, share your story by pressing "Share" in the bottom right corner.

When someone views your story and taps on the link, they will be presented with the option to "Visit Link." By clicking on it, they'll be taken directly to the website you linked to from your Instagram story.

Adding Affiliate Links To IG Using Link  Shorteners:

Instagram doesn't allow users to put individual links on each post, but the only place the user can put a clickable link is in the bio.

For Amazon products, DO NOT use link shortener to cloak any Amazon link. Otherwise you will violate the TOS and have your Amazon Affiliate account closed.

Adding LinkTree To IG Bio

LinkTree is basically a landing page that has multiple links people can visit. Many Instagram users use LinkTree to publish.

  • Sign up for a free Linktree account. 
  • Customize your Linktree profile with your display name, profile image, and theme. 
  • Add your affiliate links, social media profile links, and any other relevant links as individual buttons. 
  • Copy your unique Linktree URL and paste it in your YouTube video description or pinned comment.

LinkTree is basically a website that is prebuilt to host all the links you may already have. If you have some technical skills, you can easily make a website with wordpress to do the same thing with a simple landing page. 

Simply, just find a hosting service and get a free domain here, and it's much cheaper than using LinkTree.

Adding Social Media Profile Links:

  • Navigate to your YouTube channel's "About" tab. 
  • Click on "Customize Channel" and then select "Basic Info." 
  • In the "Links" section, click "Add Link" and input your social media profile URL and the corresponding label (e.g., "Follow me on Instagram"). 
  • You can add multiple links for different social media platforms. 
  • Once added, the links will appear as icons on your channel banner.