How To Setup QR Code Tracking In Google Analytics

In this blog post, let's go over two ways to setup QR code tracking in Google Analytics. In addition, Beaconstac can make tracking even more convenient and insightful. 

Two Methods to Track QR Codes in Google Analytics

Generate UTM Links with Campaign URL Builder and Create QR Codes

Creating UTM links can be a workaround, but it's time-consuming and challenging to manage at scale. 

This method also results in fractional data loss, as it only considers users who visit the landing page. 

Approximately 15-25% of users drop off after scanning a QR code, making it essential to understand their interests and behavior.

Add QR Codes Directly as a Unique Property (First-Party Data Source) on Google Analytics

Paid QR code solutions like Beaconstac enable you to add QR codes as a data source, making the process convenient and hassle-free.

Unlike the UTM URL method, Beaconstac can record first-party, high-intent data even when users don't complete the QR code journey.

Why Choose Beaconstac for Tracking QR Codes?

Beaconstac's integration with Google Analytics allows you to collect information from the point of scan to the website visit. In a data-driven marketing world, this can be extremely beneficial!

Our product roadmap also focuses on helping businesses understand user behavior on the destination URL, such as button interactions and subsequent page visits.

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Benefits of QR Code Tracking in Google Analytics

When connecting your QR codes to Google Analytics as a source of web traffic, you get access to user behavior, end-user demographics, the system used to scan the QR code, and mobile devices used to scan the QR code.

Generating UTM URLs for QR Codes in Google Analytics

While generating UTM links for each QR code can be simple, it's cumbersome when dealing with thousands of QR codes. Additionally, keeping records of unique UTM URL-QR code pairs is difficult.

For a few QR codes, this is not a issue.

Adding QR Codes Directly as a Property on Google Analytics with Beaconstac

By creating a new property on Google Analytics and integrating with Beaconstac, you can track your QR code campaigns without the need for unique UTM links.

 Analyze your QR code campaign performance from the dashboard and derive useful insights about engagement and end-user demographics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get analytics from a QR Code? 

Yes, dynamic QR codes provide analytics data, such as top-performing campaigns, total and unique scans, scans by location, time, and device used.

Integrating Google Analytics with Beaconstac's dynamic QR code generator provides even more data.

How do I connect my QR Code to Google Analytics? 

There are two ways to connect dynamic QR codes to Google Analytics: using UTM parameters for single URLs or tracking multiple QR codes by creating a new property on Google Analytics and integrating with Beaconstac.

How do I track an analytics QR Code? 

Log in to the Beaconstac dashboard and navigate to the Analytics section to view QR code analytics data.

Is there a way to track how many people use a QR Code? 

Yes, dynamic QR code analytics can track the total number of scans and the number of unique users who have scanned your code.