How To Turn A URL Into A QR Code For Affiliate Offers

This guide goes over how to turn a URL into a QR code for affiliate offers. This is a very creative strategies to publish your affiliate links instead of using links, and its as easy as just copy the affiliate link and paste it in a converter. be sure to include affiliate disclaimer and you are good to go.

Warning: Do not use QR code generator to convert any Amazon affiliate links

First Grab The Raw Affiliate Link

Get the affiliate links from your specific affiliate network dashboard. Most affiliate networks such as impact radius, shareasale, CJ commission will allow users to easily generate no follow affiliate links for specific products including vanity affiliate links.

Convert Raw Affiliate Link Into QR Code

qr code generator
  1. Just paste the URL into the QR code generator and hit go!
  2. Save the QR code image and publish it or print it wherever you see fit

Use the FREE QR code generator here