How To Track Multiple Affiliate Accounts In One Place

If you're an affiliate marketer and the sole employee of your business, you know that tracking earnings across multiple networks can be a time-consuming task. However, with software like Affilimate, AffTrack, and WeCanTrack, you can significantly reduce this annoying bottleneck in your affiliate marketing business.

It's for

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • A digital marketer
  • Niche site owner
  • Bloggers
  • Content marketing agencies


Are you tired of manually monitoring commissions and running reports on different platforms? Look no further than this all-in-one solution that integrates with over 100 affiliate networks, platforms, and programs.

With this software, you can set up in minutes without a developer and have all your affiliate commissions in one place with a unified dashboard. Transaction reports show you your latest conversions and which page and link the conversion happened on, allowing you to craft a data-informed affiliate strategy and stop guessing about what's working.

But that's not all – SKU reporting allows you to click on any transaction to reveal product details and metadata, giving you insight into which products your audience actually wants to buy. This data can help you optimize your affiliate marketing efforts and increase your earnings.

All major networks, aggregators, and SaaS software solutions are included, so you can rest assured that you won't miss any important data. Plus, the intuitive interface and easy setup mean that you don't need to be a developer to get started.

Here's a breakdown of Affilimate's pricing plans:

  • Track up to 100,000 monthly visits: $29/month
  • Track up to 250,000 monthly visits: $59/month
  • Track up to 500,000 monthly visits: $99/month
  • Track up to 1,000,000 monthly visits: $149/month
  • Track up to 2,000,000 monthly visits: $199/month

And the best part? You can test all of the features for free with a 15-day trial before committing to a paid plan.

With Affilimate's pricing plans, you can track and manage multiple sites, get content insights, join a Facebook community, and even view conversion heatmaps. Plus, you can integrate all of your affiliate accounts in one place and manage all affiliate links.


With AffTrack, you can easily manage affiliates and advertisers, and monitor and optimize traffic from anywhere, at any time. With real-time tracking, invoicing, and all the tools you need to effectively manage your clients, AffTrack has been a reliable choice for large affiliate programs since 2009.

But that's not all – with AffTrack, you'll never have to worry about click overages again. Choose a package that meets your click requirements or select the Unlimited package for worry-free tracking.

Best of all, new instances receive UNLIMITED EVERYTHING for only $199 per month! And with a 1 month FREE trial, you can test out AffTrack's features and see the benefits for yourself.

AffTrack's Offer Access control and fraudulent elimination features ensure that you filter traffic to your exact specifications, blocking low-quality traffic from ever reaching your merchants.

Say goodbye to month-end surprises and hello to unlimited clicks and conversions with AffTrack. Try it out today.


WeCanTrack is an affiliate aggregator and website traffic data dashboard to help affiliate businesses quickly access important data in one place.

With WeCanTrack dashboard, you can easily monitor the performance of all available dimensions, including advertisers, affiliate network accounts, websites, traffic sources, landing pages, campaigns, and status. And the best part? You can customize it to fit your needs.

One of the key features of our system is affiliate conversion attribution. This means that you can automatically attribute your affiliate conversion data to your traffic data and report it in our dashboard. This delivers great insights on how your traffic sources, websites, and landing pages are performing and creates the opportunity to optimize and scale up your campaigns.

We make it easy for you to customize your dashboard. Just let us know what you want to change, and we will quickly do so. And if you prefer to work in your own currency and time zone, you can set that up too.

Our affiliate dashboard also includes transaction filters, performance overview boxes, performance graphs, advertiser and transaction reports, affiliate network and network account reports, website and traffic source reports, landing page reports, click page reports, and affiliate link reports. These features provide a full overview of the performance of your affiliate websites and network accounts, making it easy for you to analyze your data on every level and find important insights to improve your content and campaigns.

We can also enable an export function for you, which allows you to export all the affiliate network conversion data you selected or filtered in the affiliate dashboard. Once we activate this feature for you, you can hover over a table and click on the three dots, which will give you a menu to download the report or export it to Google Sheets.

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