13 Ways To Increase Affiliate Income

If your affiliate business has plateaued in terms of revenue and traffic, we have 13 strategies to boost your affiliate earnings.

While some methods to enhance affiliate income are well-known, this guide also delves into unique approaches that can improve your business's efficacy, drive more traffic, cater to your audience's specific needs, and reduce any unnecessary components in your marketing efforts.

Basic Optimization Method To Increase Affiliate Commission

Always Match Search Intent

Matching the search intent to what the content is about on the landing page is a huge factor to increase click through rate, and many marketers make their mistakes in the beginning by targeting the right keyword, but then fail to match the keyword in the content or Call to action that the visitors were there.

For example, if the visitor searched for "download mp3 player", and the visitor lands on a page that promises "download mp3 player", the content or the call to action should word for word say "download mp3 player". 

Not something like "check out more here" or "listen to music here"

be very specific with search intent

Search intent is what the visitor is looking for. most direct affiliate sale doesn't go through because the content didn't do a good job presenting the products or services, or it's completely off topic than what the visitor is looking for.

Anytime when the visitor can't immediate find what they are looking for, or having trouble finding what they want on you r website, they leave.

Search intent is a huge ranking signal on the search engine, and results on the SERPs are constantly changing to see whose content can satisfy the user the best.

be very specific with call to action phrasing

Call to action must clearly communicate what the page is about. The call to action phasing must match what the visitor wants. The best way to phrase Call to action is to use active voice to command the visitor to take action. 

Use short and commanding phrases to be effective.


"Download here"

"buy now"

"get your free book here"

"enter your name and email here"

"check pricing here"

There are more in our CTA guide with up to 40 highly effective cTA phrases you can copy and paste

match banner ads to content

the best tip I can give here is to post banner ad that looks like apart of the content. nothing fancy

banner ads that looks like call to action with simple graphic design is plenty to get people to click.

The more fancy the banner is, the worse the click through rate.

Request Higher Commission Rate

Asking for higher commission rate is the easiest way to increase affiliate earning in your business without having to try improving the business on day 1.

However, getting higher commission rate requires hard work to show the company that you are delivering content value and your business deserve to get paid more. Your relationship with your affiliate manager can be in-person or online. In person relationship will go a long way and get you things you never imagined getting.

Your affiliate manager may not immediately agree to your proposed commission bump. Be prepared to negotiate and find a middle ground that satisfies both parties.

Try this email proposal below:

Dear [Affiliate Manager's Name],

I trust you are doing well. As a dedicated affiliate partner for [Affiliate Company's Name], I have been continuously working to improve my website's performance and deliver outstanding results. I would like to propose a commission increase based on my recent achievements and commitment to driving even more growth.

Some of my recent accomplishments include:

  1. [Accomplishment 1 - e.g., consistently exceeding monthly sales targets]
  2. [Accomplishment 2 - e.g., implementing new marketing strategies that have resulted in a 20% increase in conversions]
  3. [Accomplishment 3 - e.g., expanding my audience reach by 35% through targeted campaigns]

In light of these achievements, I kindly request a commission bump from [current commission rate] to [proposed commission rate]. This increase will enable me to invest further in marketing efforts and strengthen our partnership, ultimately resulting in increased sales and revenue for [Affiliate Company's Name].

Please let me know your thoughts on this proposal, and I am open to discussing any adjustments or additional requirements you may have.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Build Email List

It's absolutely important to start building an email list, so that your customer base isn't 100% relied on the search engine or other social media platform as the algorithm changes quite often.

Getting a visitor from the search engine or from paid ads either cost time or money. Even though most leads that come from the search engine are free, but it takes time to rank your content to be visible to people in the first place. One little algorithm could tank your traffic over night.

One of the common mistakes affiliate marketer who leverages SEO is skipping email marketing, because they don't understand how to communicate with their list after their first contact.

When you have a new product, new content or new deals available, you can easily just email your existing list to get an response.

sell every internal links if possible

Every internal link on your affiliate website has the potential to lead the visitor to somewhere they can spend money. 

While most programmatic advertising content site using Ezoic increases EPMV by taking the visitor to view multiple page on a website. the same concept applies here.

Every internal links should be incentivized to be clicked and reasons why, so the visitor understands what to expect. It's kinda like a subtle call to action that lead the visitor to relevant pages where the visitor can get what he wants.

For example: Be sure to check out our best fishing pole guide here. Number 6 recommendation on the list you wont find anywhere else. 

A/b Testing

A/B testing is huge when it comes to testing CTA and affiliate conversion rate. This include button color, call to action, button placement, link placement, URL name, content, specific copywriting phrases and more.

This strategy takes time and a little bit of effort to get that extra boost in your business.

It's important to test one element, gather the data before moving on to the next. Never change everything on a page all at once because that will skew the test data, and it leads to disorganized data that can't draw clear conclusion with.

apply Search arbitrage Strategies

Many affiliate website experiences plateu or running out of ideas to monetize their existing traffic.

One of the biggest thing missing is the arbitrage component of their content. search arbitrage is about redirecting the visitor from related content that is one step closer to getting exactly what the visitor wants, but the visitor don't know yet, nor know the exact keyword to search for.

For example when a website target a keyword like: "install screw faster without turning constantly",  and lead them to the "spiral spiral ratchet screwdriver". that's exactly what i'm talking about, which is target low competition keywords and then use that landing page to specific things that generate revenue.

Its true that buyer intent related keywords lead to revenue, but how the visitor got there has a lot to do with it as well. there are many entry ways to a expensive market that many affiliate content website can implement.

Content planners can use ChatGPT to research these topics by using a prompt like this to do predictive SEO marketing:

"List 20 semantically related keywords  people might search for before they realize they need to buy a spital ratchet screwdriver"

Apply color theory to your site

Sites like Amazon and Best Buy have spent a lot of time and money testing website layout and colors to optimize conversion. 

There is a science to it, and you should optimize color on your site as well.

Keep all affiliate links and buy button to ONLY one specific color on the website, so it can condition the visitors to only take action when they see that color when buying things. 

provide irrefusable evidence of results

Quality content that everyone is talking about is pointless. It's too vague and it's honestly not helpful.

Quality content that solves people's problem should demonstrate irrefusable evidence of results through pictures, data or videos. If someone is looking for a way to remove oil stain off the carpet. the best content should be about showing exactly how to remove the oil stain off the carpet within the first 5 - 10 seconds of the video

Pictures worth a thousand words, and that will convert the visitors right away, or to read more on the website.

use display advertising

When A/B testing shows a winning banner ad. The next thing to do is to buy display advertising to get more impressions and lead people back to your website from other websites. 

Display advertising that show on millions of website may have less targeted search intent, but they add up to get you a lot more traffic than just relying on search traffic to your website alone.

The typical click through rate on display advertising is about 1.2%. Another way is to place programmatic ads on your website to earn EMPV.

This is a booster strategy to increase website traffic that lead to supplemental revenue

Use parasite SEO

Parasite SEO means placing your affiliate link or website content on other websites that already rank very high on the search engine to get traffic.

This method increases your business' visibility almost right away. it's kinda like running ads.

Based on this logic, getting backlinks to important pages on your website can be simply viewed as getting passive through traffic from other websites that already have targeted traffic.

Here are some examples:

Answer questions on Quora and lead them back to your website

"The answer to this question is XYZ, if you want detailed explanation, I actually wrote a comprehensive guide you can check out here with a video."

Acquire backlinks from a high authority niche site and place your link there 

Get links from top ranking websites. The easiest way is to pay to list your link. Other times, partnership is required.

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