How to Create Vanity URLs In Impact Radius

In this article, I'll be exploring how to use Impact Radius to create vanity URL to effectively promote products on your website, blog, or social media.

In this guide, we'll be discussing everything from creating custom short links to tracking the results of your promotions.

Choosing a Product to Promote

To begin with, go to your desired affiliate site and choose a product that you'd like to promote.

For example, in this tutorial, we'll be promoting Pelican 1510 case. Copy the URL of the product page to use in the next step.

Creating a Vanity Link with Impact Radius

Vanity URL is a custom web address designed to be more user-friendly and memorable, thus improving the effectiveness of marketing efforts and boosting brand recognition.

  • Head over to the "Create a Link" interface and select the appropriate affiliate program.
  • Paste the copied URL into the designated space and remove any unnecessary information (anything after the question mark).
  • To track your results, click on "Advanced" and create a sub ID or shared ID. Remember, sub IDs are visible only to you, while shared IDs are visible to both you and the affiliate program.

Customizing Your Vanity Short Link

  1. Click on the pencil icon to edit the generated short link.
  2. Replace the text with a more descriptive name related to your promotion (for example, StorageCase).
  3. Save your changes by clicking on the checkmark icon.

Sharing Your Custom Link on Social Media

  • For Facebook, it's best to upload a relevant image, write your own promotional copy (including FTC disclosure and call to action), and include the custom short link in the post.
  • To share on Twitter, click on the Twitter icon (assuming you're logged in), compose your tweet, and include the custom short link. Remember to add a relevant image and use appropriate hashtags.

Generating QR Codes for Offline Promotions

Impact Radius also allows you to create QR codes for offline promotions like posters or business cards. To generate a QR code, simply click on the QR code icon, download the generated code, and incorporate it into your offline promotional materials.

Managing and Tracking Your Vanity Links

To view the list of your created vanity links, go to "Ads" and click on "Vanity Links"

You can edit or delete your vanity links as needed.

To track the performance of your vanity links, ensure you've used sub IDs or shared IDs, then navigate to "Reports" and select "Performance by Sub ID"

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